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Biggest soccer competitors

of all time

The list of competitors for the top player of this generation is very short. It only includes two people namely, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Both top players have gained worldwide fame and have earned millions of dollars throughout their careers. To this day no one has the answer as to who is the true greatest player of modern football.

Top Player, Top Lifestyle

Lionel Messi is valued to be worth at least 400 million US dollars as of 2018. This comes as a result of being one of the top players of modern football. Apart from his lucrative contract to play for his team, he is also making millions off of his brand endorsements. One example is his Adidas deal. He has signed a contract for a lifetime endorsement with the sporting goods company.


Because he rakes in millions as a top player, he is currently the world’s highest paid football player and the world’s second highest paid athlete, with Floyd Mayweather taking the top spot. He has been known to spend his earnings on a Maserati, a brand of cars known only to the truly rich and famous. He also indulges in private plane rides with his long time girl friend.


Top Player, Top Lifestyle